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ASIMO 20th Anniversary

ASIMO Turns 20! ASIMO, a result of Honda’s robotics research aimed at helping people in their daily lives, has visited all over the world and has met many people. We look back over ASIMO’s journey since October 2000.

"We Bring Robots to Life"

Hanson Robotics is an AI and robotics company dedicated to creating empathetic, living intelligent machines that enrich our lives. Our innovations in AI research, robotics engineering, experiential design, storytelling and material science bring our robots to life as engaging characters, useful products and as evolving AI. Our robots will serve as AI platforms for research, education, medical and healthcare, sales and service, and entertainment applications.

Robotic Hernia Repair Surgery

Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive technique using the da Vinci® surgical system that allows a surgeon to repair a hernia through small incisions with enhanced precision. The result—less blood loss, less pain and faster recovery in most cases.

Do You Love Me?

Boston Dynamics is a world leader in mobile robots, tackling some of the toughest robotics challenges. We combine the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs, cutting-edge electronics, and next-generation software for high-performance robots equipped with perception, navigation, and intelligence. Boston Dynamics has an extraordinary and fast-growing technical team of engineers and scientists who seamlessly combine advanced analytical thinking with bold engineering and boots-in-the-mud practicality.


Viome is a team of leading entrepreneurs, scientists, and physicians. Our proven expertise is why Viome is the only private company trusted with exclusive license to technology first developed at the prestigious Los Alamos National Laboratory. Viome’s pioneering artificial learning engines are designed to not only analyze your data, but to aggregate all the biological data we receive. As the sample size grows, our machines will spot trends and influences, which will unlock scientific breakthroughs.

UC Berkeley

On March 23, 1868, the University of California was born — and Berkeley, its first campus, is one of the greatest sources of research and knowledge the world has ever known. Produced by UC Berkeley, this video marks Berkeley 150, the year-long sesquicentennial celebration, as both the culmination of 150 years of light and an inspiring call to action to sustain our brilliance for another 150 years. Featuring excerpts from Chancellor Carol T. Christ’s keynote address on Charter Day, March 23, 2018.

Meet the Experts: Robots in space

Will robots replace humans one day? When it comes to space exploration, robots are our precursors, gathering data to prepare humans for deep space. ESA robotics engineer Martin Azkarate discusses some of the upcoming missions involving robots and the unique science they will perform in this episode of Meet the Experts.

Moon Express

Our mission is to redefine possible by returning to the Moon and unlocking its mysteries and resources for the benefit of humanity. We welcome expedition and payload partners on our commercial missions of opportunity. Our MX explorer systems are also available for charter and customer owned missions, delivering breakthrough opportunities for scientific and commercial exploration at an unprecedented low cost.

Spot Launch

Spot is an agile mobile robot that you can customize for a wide range of applications. The base platform provides rough-terrain mobility, 360 degree obstacle avoidance, and various levels of navigation, remote control and autonomy. You can customize Spot by adding specialized sensors, software and other payloads.

NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance

Animations for media and public use. This reel depicts key events during entry, descent, and landing that will occur when NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars February 18, 2021. In the span of about seven minutes, the spacecraft slows down from about 12,100 mph (19,500 kph) at the top of the Martian atmosphere to about 2 mph (3 kph) at touchdown in an area called Jezero Crater.

Health Intelligence Test™

Our Health Intelligence Test analyzes information on the expression of tens of thousands of human genes, microbial genes, and mitochondrial genes to produce dynamic health insights and an actionable nutrition plan that enables you to improve areas of your health and increase your longevity.

Meet R5: Valkyrie

NASA’s R5 aka Valkyrie was designed and built by the Johnson Space Center (JSC) Engineering Directorate to compete in the 2013 DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) Trials. Valkyrie, a name taken from Norse mythology, is designed to be a robust, rugged, entirely electric humanoid robot capable of operating in degraded or damaged human-engineered environments.

With you, Spot can

Spot, the nimble robot that climbs stairs and traverses rough terrain with unprecedented ease, is now available for purchase to businesses in the U.S. Shop now. Use Spot for documenting construction progress, reducing risk to people in dangerous environments, or other tasks that are too difficult for traditional automation. 

SoftBank Robotics Meet Pepper

The next revolution of robotics and innovation is engrained in the DNA of SoftBank Robotics America, building a class of interactive humanoid robots capable of changing the way humans engage with machines. In June 2014, SoftBank launched Pepper, the first robot in the world able to read emotions.Coming to stores around the world, Pepper greets, educates and entertains visitors.

FANUC Industrial Robots at AUDI

AUDI Hungary is one of the companies with the largest turnover and export in Hungary, producing 2 million engines and 135 thousand cars in 2014, assisted by FANUC industrial robots at its production facility.

NASA Climbing Robot Scales Cliffs and Looks for Life

Robots can land on the Moon and drive on Mars, but what about the places they can’t reach? Designed by engineers as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, a four-limbed robot named LEMUR (Limbed Excursion Mechanical Utility Robot) can scale rock walls, gripping with hundreds of tiny fishhooks in each of its 16 fingers and using artificial intelligence to find its way around obstacles.


Meet aibo, Sony’s robotic “puppy” companion. Pairing cutting-edge robotics with unique AI technology, aibo looks to develop a friendship with its owner and create cherished stories that will last a lifetime. In this vlog you will get to see what this experience looks like through the eyes of an aibo.

AI x Robotics x Cooking

Sony proposes the entertainment experience in cooking and dining as Robot Gastronomy. How will it come into our lives? How do we perceive it? Is life richer and more fun? This is an attempt to think through possible future on what if such technologies are come into reality.

The World's First Robotic Kitchen

The Future is Served. Thanks to the motion-capture system the robotic kitchen can now precisely replicate the actions of a master chef thereby creating a variety of delicious dishes, cooked to world-class standards, for the domestic kitchen and for other preparation areas.

Robot for retail | Promobot

Promobot can become an irreplaceable assistant in retail. The robot can talk about the assortment and promotions, it integrates with the loyalty program, gives out discount cards to customers, escorts to the needed shelving, advises and increases sales.

Autonomous Security Robot Overview v1.1

Knightscope is an advanced security technology company that uses Software + Hardware + Humans to provide its clients with advanced anomaly detection capabilities. Knightscope’s long-term vision is to predict and prevent crime utilizing autonomous robots, analytics and engagement.

NAO Next Gen : the new robot of Aldebaran Robotics

Next Gen: Aldebaran Robotics launches a new generation of its humanoid robot 2012 Aldebaran Robotics, the world leader in humanoid robotics, has released its latest version of the NAO robot — NAO Next Gen. The power of NAO Next Gen, the new fully programmable humanoid robot that has the most extensive worldwide use, is opening up new perspectives and fields of application for its users.

More Parkour Atlas

Atlas uses its whole body — legs, arms, torso — to perform a sequence of dynamic maneuvers that form a gymnastic routine. We created the maneuvers using new techniques that streamline the development process. First, an optimization algorithm transforms high-level descriptions of each maneuver into dynamically-feasible reference motions.

HMI - Aquanaut 2020

Atlas uses its whole body — legs, arms, torso — to perform a sequence of dynamic maneuvers that form a gymnastic routine. We created the maneuvers using new techniques that streamline the development process. First, an optimization algorithm transforms high-level descriptions of each maneuver into dynamically-feasible reference motions.

BUDDY - the Emotional Robot

BUDDY is an endearing emotional robot that wins the heart of the whole family, including children and adults. And it is not his 60 cm high that will stop him in his quest for bringing the family around a new emotional experience. Not content with being just an emotional companion, BUDDY is also democratizing robotics. BUDDY is built on an open technology platform making it easy for global developers to build applications.

Agility Robotics: The Next Steps

Agility Robotics was founded in 2015 to enter markets newly enabled by recent scientific and technical breakthroughs in robotic legged mobility. Agility’s roots stretch back to co-founder Jonathan Hurst’s PhD research at Carnegie Mellon University in the early 2000’s (where he and Damion Shelton, also a co-founder, met).

DJI - This Is Mavic Air 2

Introducing Mavic Air 2, the next big thing in aerial content creation. With intelligent features like FocusTrack, SmartPhoto, and QuickShots, this hyper-intuitive drone puts cinematic masterpieces right at your fingertips.


Gatebox is the world-first virtual home robot with which you can spend your everyday life with your favorite characters. To celebrate the Gatebox special advance sale on December, 14th, 2016, we made this video showcasing the special charm that Gatebox can bring forth throughout a single day.

Geminoid HI-1 Android

Geminoid HI-1 is a doppelganger droid built by its male co-creator, roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro. It is controlled by a motion-capture interface. It can imitate Ishiguro’s body and facial movements, and it can reproduce his voice in sync with his motion and posture. Ishiguro hopes to develop the robot’s human-like presence to such a degree that he could use it to teach classes remotely, lecturing from home while the Geminoid interacts with his classes at Osaka University.

Samsung NEON Artificial Human AI

NEON is an Artificial Human technology company that offers realtime interactive conversational services on mobile and web for businesses and consumers. NEON is the first venture of STAR Labs, an independent future factory of Samsung.

Next Generation Robotics | Samsung

How Samsung’s robotics combine innovative hardware, and cutting-edge AI software, to create solutions that both care for you, and help you along the way, whether you’re at home or outside of it.

How are collaborative robots trained?

As a pioneer in the field of collaborative robotic solutions, Rethink Robotics GmbH is a strong and reliable partner that supports manufacturers of every size and every industry in automating their value chain with an innovative and advanced combination of hardware and software.

TRI Teaching Robots to Help People in their Homes

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is focused on creating and proving the technological breakthroughs necessary to make assistive home robots feasible. TRI is teaching a general purpose robot to perform useful human-level tasks in real homes. We believe teaching a robot tasks is a promising first step to achieving our broader vision of Fleet Learning, specifically for assisting and empowering people in their home.

Meet the Team at Engineered Arts

We make the most memorable interactive character experiences in the world. A unique combination of state of the art technology with a focus on engagement means nothing comes close to meeting our humanoid robots. Engineered Arts Ltd integrates a talented team of engineers and creatives, working together to produce technology that lives and breathes entertainment.

Experience With The ReWalk Exoskeleton

ReWalker Gene L. received his own ReWalk Exoskeleton in 2015, and first tried the device in a research study at his Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital in 2012. The device was provided to him thanks to a VA SOP to supply these devices to paralyzed US Veterans.

Open Bionics

Daniel was supplied with a prosthetic arm by the NHS after his amputation, but it was heavy, uncomfortable and fixed in position, so had no functional purpose. After 16 years, watch Daniel’s bionic journey begin as he regains function in his right arm with a little help from the Hero Arm.

MOTOBOT Meets The Doctor

The MOTOBOT autonomous motorcycle-riding humanoid robot finally meets Valentino Rossi face to face. How does Rossi react to seeing MOTOBOT riding the YZF-R1M in person? One of the engineers behind the project explains MOTOBOT’s current development progress as it begins racetrack riding tests.

Nika uses Esper Hand.

Esper HandESPER HAND is the next level bionic prosthetic hand that uses Machine Learning (ML) approach to recognize situations, help to choose grips, and provide stable, convenient, intuitive control individually for each user.

New Deep-Sea Robot

Named for the Ancient Greek god of the Underworld, the Hadal Zone is the pitch-black part of our oceans below 6,000 meters. Now, imagine a fleet of robots able to roam freely in the parts of the ocean that have been almost impossible for humans to reach, and bring back what they see: such as lifeforms that can survive with zero sunlight, very little nutrition, under pressure that could crush a car.

Stanford's humanoid robot

The robot, called OceanOne, is powered by artificial intelligence and haptic feedback systems, allowing human pilots an unprecedented ability to explore the depths of the oceans in high fidelity.

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